What is Baruwa ?

Baruwa (swahili for letter or mail) is a web 2.0 MailScanner front-end.

It provides an easy to use interface for managing a Anti Spam system built on the best of breed open source packages. It is used to perform operations such as managing configurations, quarantine management, bayesian learning, management of approved and banned sender lists, monitoring the health of the services and a lot more.

Baruwa is implemented using web 2.0 features (AJAX) where deemed fit. Baruwa has full support for i18n, enabling you to translate it into any language of your choosing. Baruwa has already been translated into to over 25 languages.

It includes reporting functionality with an easy to use query builder, results can be displayed as message lists or graphed as colorful and pretty interactive graphs.

Baruwa includes full text search functionality that allows you to find information very fast and easily. Advanced searching options available in leading web search engines are supported in Baruwa.

A Custom MailScanner module is provided for asynchronous logging of messages to a PostgreSQL database with SQLite backup as well as updating of the realtime search index.


There are currently two branches of Baruwa. Baruwa 1.0 and Baruwa 2.0

Baruwa 2.0

Baruwa 2.0 is a ground up rewrite of Baruwa 1.0 for efficiency, scalability and performance. Baruwa 2.0 is written in Python/Perl using the Pylons Framework and uses a PostgreSQL backend, it is released under the GPLv3.

Baruwa 1.0

Baruwa is open source software, written in Python/Perl using the Django Framework and MySQL or PostgreSQL for storage, it is released under the GPLv2 and is available for free download.


Screenshots for both branches of Baruwa can be view here

Baruwa 2.0 Versions

Baruwa 2.0 is available in 3 versions: Community Edition, Hosted Edition and Enterprise Edition

Community Edition

Baruwa Community Edition is End of Life and End of Support as of Thu 05 May 2016

Hosted Edition

Baruwa.net is a Hosted Messaging security Platform. It keeps your messaging systems safe by blocking Viruses, Malware, Spam, Phishing, Directory Harvesting and other attacks before they reach your network, preventing service disruptions. It is a fully managed service and requires no investment in infrastructure, training and maintenance.

Enterprise Edition

Baruwa Enterprise Edition is a fully fledged Mail Security solution, based on best of breed open source software packages. Included are all the packages to build an efficient and robust mail filtering solution.

Baruwa Enterprise Edition is shipped as part of a customized and tuned operating system designed for email security called BaruwaOS which is based on CentOS.

The subscription includes responsive email based support. SLA packages are also available for purchase.