Baruwa 1.1.1 released

October 20, 2011 at 03:04 PM | categories: Baruwa, Releases | View Comments

Hi All,

I am pleased to announce the release of Baruwa 1.1.1.

This is a maintenance release that includes mostly bug fix's and a few new features.

This is a source only release, binary packages for various Linux distributions will be released at a later stage.

  • FEATURE: issue #27
  • FEATURE: Email signatures management
  • FEATURE: Support unicode subject in message logs
  • FEATURE: Add support for DB migrations with south
  • FEATURE: Experimental Message Delivery status (Relay info) support (exim only)
  • FEATURE: #39 Allow the recent messages value to be read from
  • FIX: issue #29
  • FIX: server tests
  • FIX: saving of filters
  • FIX: attachment downloads
  • FIX: exception on top hosts
  • FIX: celery worker pid directory
  • FIX: remove base from html messages
  • FIX: improve queue regex for sendmail
  • FIX: localization for mail queue status
  • FIX: database configuration documentation
  • FIX: exception on ip addrs with port numbers
  • FIX: support usernames longer than 30 characters
  • FIX: exception handling for sa-learn path issues
  • FIX: silence queuestats cron job depreciation errors
  • FIX: prevent sqlite from accepting null values from ms
  • FIX: celery jobs not completing due to repeatable read.
  • FIX: should be checking utf8subject not subject as subject is not being used any more.