Baruwa 2.0 Source code released

August 06, 2012 at 07:30 AM | categories: Baruwa2, Baruwa 2.0, Releases | View Comments

I have just open sourced the source code to Baruwa 2.0 on Github. Baruwa 2.0 is a ground up rewrite of Baruwa which adds lots of new features.

Notable features include:

  • Full text indexing and search
  • Audit log
  • Full queue management
  • Message status tracking
  • Scanner node status
  • MailScanner SQL configuration management
  • Domain aliasing
  • Built in External authentication for AD/LDAP, RADIUS, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
  • Async MailScanner logging
  • Postgresql Backend
  • Export of reports to PDF and CSV
  • CSV import of Domains and User accounts
  • CSV export of Domains and User accounts
  • Organization based profiles

This is a source only release, no documentation is available and there are no tools to upgrade a Baruwa 1.x version to this.

Only Exim is supported at the moment as the MTA, the hooks exist for adding of the other MTA's that were supported under version 1.0.

The source code can be obtained from

So grab the code, add new features, do translations, write documentation etc etc.

Feedback and support

Please provide feedback via the usual channels, if you need support use the list.