Baruwa 2.0.0 released

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Baruwa is a web 2.0 MailScanner frontend which can be used to build Robust and Efficient Mail Security systems based on the best of breed Open source packages.

Baruwa 2.0 represents many changes from previous releases. Baruwa 2.0 is a ground up rewrite of Baruwa 1.0 using the Pylons framework with a PostgreSQL backend.

The stability and performance improvements due to the rewrite now place Baruwa far ahead of any other MailScanner management systems currently available.

New Features in Baruwa 2.0

  • Audit logs
  • Domain aliases
  • DKIM management
  • Full Text search
  • New software stack
  • Full mail queue management
  • Enhanced clustering features
  • Active directory integration
  • Export and Import of settings
  • Improved management of domains
  • Improved management of accounts
  • New Asynchronous MailScanner Logging
  • MailScanner DB Configuration management
  • Outbound Relay configuration management
  • Organization based management of domains
  • Full documentation both user and adminstrator
  • New translations over 25 new languages supported
  • Improved internationalization including timezone support
  • Online management of all External authentication mechanisms


Baruwa 2.0 will be delivered in 3 versions:


Due to the fact that Baruwa 2.0 is built from a different code base there is no direct upgrade path.

Users are advised to create new installations and then migrate any required data out of the older solutions.

Consultancy services in planning migrations are available from the Developer.

If you do not need the new features in Baruwa 2.0 there is no need to migrate as the Baruwa 1.0 branch will continue being supported.


Full user and administrator documentation is available as part of the release as well as online.

Need Help ?

There are a number of places you can get assistance should you run into problems.

If you run into a problem and would like some assistance, join the Baruwa community mailing list Many answers are already there in the archives, but if you don't find yours, you can simply ask a new question.

Subscribers to Baruwa Enterprise Edition should use the subscribers mailing list at

There is also paid for consulting services and support from the Developer.

Known Issues


Only the Exim MTA is supported at the moment, Further versions may introduce support for additional MTA's. Please feel free to contribute code to support the MTA of your choice, all the hooks are in place to allow use of other MTA's.


Interactive SVG graphs have been replaced by non interactive PNG graphs.


We thank everyone involved for helping us produce this product.